Four Great Places to Find Website Design Inspiration

When you are starting up your own website you have a lot to consider when you are looking for the right web design. Everything from pictures to content must be eye catching and keep the attention of your target audience. One thing that all popular web design has in common is a design that sticks with you. Your web design should be just the same. However it can be hard deciding what to use for your design will best suit your website. Here are just a few things that may provide the website design inspiration you need to decide what web design you should go with.


If you have a set topic that you will be writing about on your website than this may be all the website design inspiration you need. It you have a website specifically dedicated to skateboarding, you may want to fill your background with cool boards and skate tricks. On the contrary it you are designing a wedding planning website, you may err on the side of a softer theme with a lacy feel and an elegant font.  You should always think about your target audience. A skateboard web design may not appeal to future brides just as a frilly pink sit will not demand the attention of most hardcore skaters. Your topic may be the safest way to go because your web design will reiterate what your website is all about. If you use it as the website design inspiration for your page, there will be no question what your website is about and who it is for. However, if you do not have a set topic, this may not be for you.


If your website has less of a structured topic and is more about whatever you want it to be about whenever you feel like it, you may be the best website design inspiration for your  website. You do not have to plaster your face all over the background and use your own handwriting for the font but you can draw website design inspiration from the things you like. You favorite, color, animal, or even your favorite food can grace the homepage of your site and it you want to you can change it. Having a web design that revolves around you can also reflect your moods. You can use special background that change with the season, the holiday, the topic of the day, or even your birthday. This design can also lend a more laid back, at home feel to your website depending on how you change it. It can also draw it new people with every change you make while keeping the attention of others with your changing theme.


If you do not a have a specific topic but you are also not comfortable with being your own website design inspiration you can draw from other sources to find the design for you. Art is one of these things. People find website design inspiration in paintings, and statues everyday. Using your favorite piece of art will give your website a calculated, sometimes sophisticated feel depending on what you choose. It also give a more fun feel by the same token. This will give you a great design that you like without sharing too much about you.


If you do not find website design inspiration in art, you may find it in people. Many people have walked this earth and changed the lives of others. There may be a famous, or infamous, person that you have grown to find strength in. This website design inspiration could come from anyone from Elvis Presley to Martin Luther King Jr. You may use pictures, quotes, or even some of their favorite things to design your website and make it unique. This design can draw the attention of similar minded people.

This are all great places to find website design inspiration for your website, but, remember, your design does not have to be set in stone. Your website design inspiration can change. If one thing is not working for you feel free to try a new approach to your site. Your satisfaction is one of the most important thing you can accomplish with your web design. However, while your satisfaction is important, also keep in mind you target audience. Be sure to choose a web design that will assuage the people who find your site as well as yourself.


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